Monday, July 14, 2008

The Left Attacking Obama?

The Obama camp is plenty upset over The New Yorker's front cover this month. The New Yorker claims that the cover is a satirical look at how conservatives are painting Obama and his wife, but I have to agree with Ed at HotAir on this one:

"This makes the third bigoted attack from the Left on Obama. Two weeks ago, it was Ralph Nader acting as the arbiter of black authenticity, and last week it was Jesse Jackson wanting to castrate Obama. One side in this cycle certainly seems obsessed by identity politics, but so far it isn’t the Republicans."

"The New Yorker is attacking conservatives, but Obama’s the one taking offense (and for good reason). Obama warned that the Republicans would obsess over his ethnicity, but so far only the mainstream Left has made it an issue."

Remember who was the first to put out a picture of Obama in Muslim garb? That would be Hillary's camp.

"Operation Chaos may not yet have finished, according to CQ Politics. While Hillary Clinton negotiates for a place of honor at the convention, some of her followers have a more important role in mind for her. They want an open floor vote for the nomination — and think that Hillary could win it."