Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Black Panthers, then and now

I saw this video over at Blogs of War. This is the neighborhood of Joe Horn where he shot two criminals robbing his neighbor's house (see links in posts below). If you live in Houston then you are familiar with Quanell X (you know,like Malcolm X..get it? *snort*). He is the head of The New Black Panther Party and he brought his posse with him to protest in the neighborhood. Well, the neighbors of Joe Horn in this nice suburban area outside Houston weren't too happy about Quanell X coming in to get his face on camera.

When I was growing up in Mississippi the Black Panthers were one scary group. They walked around with rifles and military type attire (ironic when you think about this incident here, huh?)I just find it amusing that these white suburbanites chase off the Black Panthers. I imagine a woman looking out her kitchen window and saying, "Honey, that Black Panther group is here, go put on some dockers and chase them out of here!"

There has to be a SNL skit in there somewhere.