Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fred Thompson puts "change" in perspective

Speaking at the National Right to Life Conference:

Instead of a constant search for the new, exciting and different, let’s re-assert the “First Principles” that made this country great.

Has freedom, liberty and the strength which guarantees them become outdated? And just what part of our Constitutional framework requires sprucing up or should be abandoned altogether?

Those changes that are momentarily popular in elite circles, which would expand our government, weaken our ability to defend ourselves, redefine marriage and life itself, sap our sense of personal responsibility and treat our people as if they were merely a collection of appetites to be fed in an election year … they must be rejected.

These are not changes we can believe in. These are changes we should run away from. Because the ideas behind these endeavors, which have long inspired left-wing politicians around the world, have led to consistently disastrous results.

This is possibly the best summary of the Obama "change" bunk I have ever read. via HotAir