Wednesday, July 02, 2008

"30 Days"

I watched FX's "30 Days" hosted by Morgan Spurlock last night. It was about a woman who is a gun control activist who moves in with a family of sharp shooters and gun rights enthusiasts.

It was very well done and by the end she admitted that she understood why people hold the 2nd Amendment close to their heart.

At one point the gun control activist takes the gun rights guy to meet women who have lost loved ones through gun violence. He feels for them, but he doesn't change his mind about the fact that law abiding citizens didn't harm their loved ones, bad guys did. And he makes the simple point that bad guys will always be able to get guns no matter what the law.

The thing that finally changed her mind a bit was listening to a man who had killed a stalker who invaded his home with a gun while his wife and four kids were in the kitchen. He shot the man (who incidentally didn't die, because he was wearing a gun vest). The stalker had already murdered four people that evening, including a baby. The woman said it was the first time she had heard about someone protecting their home with a firearm. We don't hear about those incidents, but they happen all the time. Usually without violence, because once the criminal realizes a gun is on him, he decides that maybe robbing this person isn't such a good idea.

During this Jerry Horn incident here in Houston, they interviewed a guy here in Houston on TV that killed a man attempting to get into his home through a window. His wife and baby were in the next room. Who can say that isn't right?? That criminal could and probably would have killed his family. How can anyone deny a law abiding citizen the right to defend himself and his family?

By the end of 30 days the gun control activist understood our side, and she thought she made progress by the gun rights's activist saying that if Congress can come up with a way to make it harder for criminals to get a hold of guns without infringing on his right to gun ownership, then fine. I don't think that was much of a change for him.