Monday, June 09, 2008

When you can't tell spoof from rhetoric

"..this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal"

I read these words of Obama's on another blog and honestly thought it was a spoof. I didn't realize that he actually said them in his speech in St. Paul, Minn until I read the George Will column that BigDog sent me:

"Journalists consider themselves crusty, unsentimental creatures who, their battered fedoras shoved back on their heads, have slouched out of Ben Hecht's 1928 play "The Front Page," oozing skepticism from every pore. Actually, they are round-heeled romantics, such pushovers for a new swain that they did not laugh until their ribs squeaked when Barack Obama concluded his triumphal St. Paul, Minn., speech..."

When I thought it was a spoof, I laughed. But now it just makes me want to throw up. Could Obama be any more full of himself? Does he really see himself as "healing the planet?" You know what? I believe he does. That's the thing. He is one of these left wing "visionaries" who sees all things possible through government programs and soaring rhetoric.

Read his whole speech. It's the promise of rainbows and fairies. All we have to do is chant "We believe" over and over and the impossible becomes possible.

Give me a freakin break.

Obama could have been a case study for Thomas Sowell's book. "The Vision of The Anointed." A book that reviews the smug know it all attitude of the left, who think they are "anointed" to take care of the rest of us. But first they need to be in power.

Obama is the elite liberal intelligentsia that Sowell writes about. He feels he is morally and intellectually superior to the general population and only wishes to "help' them live their lives in a manner that he sees as better. Because, you see, they don't know any better and need leaders such as himself to show them the way.

But this isn't a world of rainbows and fairies and it never will be. It is a world that needs more than fancy words and a heart of hope to keep us strong, protect us, and grow our economy.

You will never hear about rainbows from McCain. He is a reality type guy. He sees the world as it is.

Update: To further the absurdity of all this, Jesse Jackson Jr. had this to say about Obama's nomination:

"the event itself is so extraordinary that another chapter could be added to the Bible to chronicle its significance." (via Newsbusters)

Look, I can understand the pride of having the first black man nominated for President. No doubt about that, but this kind of over the top gushing only diminishes the significance of it in my opinion.