Friday, June 13, 2008

McCain's Town Hall

I watched McCain last night on Fox News at his live town hall right before I left for a blogger party downtown for hosted after a day at the Texas GOP convention. I really enjoyed meeting so many like minded people.

We also stopped by for free ice cream at a Ron Paul rally. As a friend with me put it, they are just Republican hippies. Ron Paul was on speaker phone because he missed his plane or something, but it was interesting being around the Ronbots.

Anyway, this is the forum where McCain does best. He is personable and charming. The audience was clearly filled more with people who admire him than with those who are not sure, but it was a good way for him to get his message across after Obama and Hillary took up so much TV time for so long.

As usual McCain started off reminding many conservatives why they are angry with him. He touted McCain-Feingold and McCain-Kennedy as proof that he is much more bi-partisan than Obama ever thought about being. While that is certainly true and may bring sunshine into the hearts of middle of the roaders, it just ticks conservatives off.

McCain is what he is. I happen to like the fact that he does what he thinks is right and doesn't back down just to be liked more by one particular group. Do some of his beliefs drive me crazy as well? Of course. But a leader leads. That's what he does. He doesn't take polls and he doesn't change with the wind.

But I truly wish he could at least downplay the things that he knows his base disagrees with. It's time to get the base fired up and ready to work for him and that isn't going to happen if he keeps bringing up legislation that just makes us scream.