Thursday, June 12, 2008

Obama Drama

You might be wondering why I haven't posted on Obama's ongoing drama.
From his VP selection committee chair, Jim Johnson to his gas price stance to rumors about his birth and name. Why? Because it doesn't seem important to me. It's just nitpicking. The left is doing the same with everything McCain says.

Enough already.

I got an e-mail from several people recently with picturess of Obama's family in Kenya. It has pictures of he and his dad and his mom. It seemed to question his loyalty. It reminded us of his Muslim ties with his step dad and half brothers.

The e-mail never says anything implicit about Obama being Muslim himself, but the overtones are there.

This is a lot like the left who keep repeating that McCain left his loyal crippled wife when he came back from being a POW. Ignoring the fact that his ex-wife Carol has said the divorce was her idea and they she fully supports him (which is pretty amazing for an ex I think).

My point is that the past is the past and McCain and Obama both have one. Just as you and I do. People don't care what McCain's personal life was like 30 yrs ago and they really don't care what Obama's family in Kenya looks like.

Obama's voting record is what we should be focusing on. If he is saying one thing now, but voted differently. Then we should talk about it. But Republicans aren't going to win going after his family.

Attacks are a part of politics on both sides. I wish that weren't true. It's partly the media's fault because they won't pursue a story sometimes unless it comes from an attack.

Now, the Johnson and gas price thing with Obama is a story, but I won't be focusing on every drama that comes along. Just the ones I think people care about.

Let's leave the personal rumors to the tabloids.