Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Obama responds to Nader

Responding to Nader's comment about Obama "talking white" to get elected..:

Obama continued: "Ralph Nader’s trying to get attention. He’s become a perennial political candidate. I think it’s a shame, because if you look at his legacy in terms of consumer protections, it’s an extraordinary one but at this point he’s somebody who’s trying to get attention and whose campaign hasn’t gotten any traction and so what better way to get some traction than to make an inflammatory statement like the one that he made. It is what it is."

You can say alot of things about Nader, but he has never been one to say things just to get attention. I have never agreed with a thing that Nader said, but I have always had respect for the fact that he practiced what he preached and he never acted like a normal politician.