Wednesday, June 25, 2008

MCain and The Gays

via GayPatriot:

“We’ve had a series of productive meetings with the campaign since Sen. McCain won the nomination—including a recent meeting with the Senator. We expect to have more conversations with the campaign as we head toward November.” — Patrick Sammon, Log Cabin Republicans President — June 25, 2008

Is this even controversial? Why wouldn't he meet with different groups? As you all know, I'm big on meeting with everyone (in this country) to try and sway them to our side.

Not all gays are defined by their sexuality. Not all gays see just that as the only issue. As I posted from before from the Gay Patriot:

the greatest enemies of gay people are not social conservatives in the West who may question (what they call) our lifestyle and oppose legislation benefiting us, but Islamic theocrats who execute gay people in jurisdictions where they predominate and seek to destroy the nations with political systems which allow us to live freely.

The left (and certainly Obama) does not see the danger here, especially for gay people. I would think that anyone gay would look at this issue as much as any personal issue on gay rights.

Since McCain does understand this danger, it only makes sense that he could and should reach out to those who would benefit from his leadership.

Gay marriage isn't the only or even the most important issue to many gay Americans.

Their safety is.