Friday, May 23, 2008

Obama: "Barack means the one who's blessed"


Obama spoke in front of a Jewish audience in Florida on Friday. Here in part:

"My father was from Kenya and Barack actually interestingly enough means the same as Baruch. It means one who's blessed. And the reason-the reason that that's interesting is that it's the same Semitic root.


And it's true they called me Barry when I was young, but as I got older, I thought it was important to acknowledge this other side of my heritage and so I was called Barack,"… "You've had a prime minister named Barack in Israel. It should be pretty familiar to this audience."

He added, "Some of my best friends are Jews."

Ok, not exactly, but pretty much:

He also ticked off a few names of friends and advisors who are known to be pro-Israel. "I have to be very cautious about this, because you know, you remember the old stereotype about somebody says, 'well I'm not prejudice, some of my best friends are Jewish.' Right? Or, 'I'm not prejudice, some of my best friends are black.' So I hesitate to start listing them out," he said. But since the man asked…

He also added this tidbit in his answer to a question about his being committed to Israel:

Obama said part of his job as an elected official was to listen to different perspectives - even if he does not agree with them. "We gotta be careful about guilt by association," he warned.

Oh yeah. I'll just bet you want that.

via HotAir