Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ding Dong, The Witch Ain't Dead...

WASHINGTON – In case there was any confusion, Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff this morning made very clear her path to the Democratic nomination.

She is taking it to the convention. No doubt.

From NRO:

"We're Just Not Even Going To Entertain The Possibility Of Anything Other Than That." Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson, a few moments ago, emphasizing his faith that Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination.

I have such mixed feelings about this! I mean, I want Obama to win the nomination because I think he will be easier to beat in the general, but to see Hillary snatch victory from the jaws of defeat would be political theatre that would not be repeated in my lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!

And just imagine the Obamamanics EXPLODING!

Even better? The Obamamessiah losing it. You don't think that would happen? He is too calm, too serene, you say?

Not so fast.

When Obama was an Illinois State Senator he had a disagreement with another State Senator, Rickey Hendon. You can read the reasons here, but the interesting part of the story is here:

Soon, the two men were shouting at each other on the senate floor. They took their disagreement into a nearby room, and a witness said that Obama had to be physically restrained.

And they say McCain has temper issues! (This is confirmed by Hendon btw)

So we know that the Buddah like serenity of Obama can be broken. I'm thinking Hillary snatching this nomination from under his nose might just do that.