Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Obama announces John Edwards as V.P.

Ok, not really.

But it is my guess that a deal was made. Edward's endorsement helps keep momentum on Obama's side as he loses big time in W. Virginia and probably Kentucky.

Even though I find it hard to believe that Obama will not give in to pressure to have an Obama/Hillary ticket, the sense I get when reading opinions on the left is that Michelle Obama is not for it, and frankly, I think Michelle gets what Michelle wants. Obama doesn't want Hillary either, but the pressure will be enormous.

But Edwards calms that a bit. He is charismatic, goodlooking, and well known on the political stage. He draws the same demographics that Hillary does without the baggage.

Two young goodlooking charismatic guys. Ebony and Ivory. It's perfect and leaves Clinton right where they want her, isolated.

It's mean, it's calculated, and it just might work.

Who says Obama doesn't know how to play the game?