Monday, May 12, 2008

"Living The Dream"

I have argued many times with lefties (mostly at my Houston Chronicle blog) about what is going on over in Iraq. They love to send me links to the MSM stories reflecting a "failure" in Iraq and all that. I always say to them that we could trade news stories all day, but who I listen to are the boots on the ground, our warriors. Their truth is in their fight. Do you wonder if the Iraqi army is ready to take it over completely from our boys? We are getting there. The first milblog I read spoke of how well the Iraqi army is doing. This one did too:

So we got a break from the 110 temps. Last night a kick in the butt sand storm hit and visibility was slim. The enemy is frustrated and can't stand that every time they turn around there is a Marine there. We thwarted a complex ambush last week as we patrolled with the Iraqi's. They are getting stronger by the day and before you know it, they will ask us to leave. They have become so much stronger since my last deployment here it would truly astonish you.

So how are his Marines doing?

They continue to put in long days, bear the difficult environment and continue to accomplish the mission. All are in good spirits because they see first hand the difference they are making. I bet you haven't heard any crap story's on the news lately have ya?? Nope because all of the armed forces are kicking butt here. Thank you for all of our support and although you may not hear it in the news, you should be proud to be an American, by witnessing these Marines kick butt, I know I am. Semper Fi-Time for a cigar.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love these guys?

Update: Sometimes these heros don't live the dream. They die so that others may live it.

Thank God we still make men such as these.