Monday, April 21, 2008

Who can really bring us together?

Not only do I think McCain will win, but I don't think it will even be close (at least comparatively speaking). Whether Hillary or Obama win their nomination, both are too flawed for the general.

First there is Hillary, whose past friends and cabinet members like Bill Richardson and Robert Reich, and John Kerry, can't even manage to support her. Which shows what a truly unlikable person she really is. When your friends don't even think you should be President, then why should America?

Then there is Obama. After the initial lovefest with the media, he is now being seen for who he really is. He is the most far left Senator who has never crossed the aisle to unite in any way. His associations with nefarious characters and his inexperience in foreign policy is just beginning to be revealed. It doesn't help that he is endorsed by terrorists groups.

Meanwhile McCain, who many on the right disagree with on certain issues, has shown he can work with Democrats and win their support. He is showing who he always was and is, an honest man with the experience we need. Not to mention a promise to get rid of the Alternative Minimum Tax, which alone is reason enough to vote for him, but there is so much more. McCain is also reaching out to those who don't normally vote Republican.

When you step back and compare McCain with Hillary or Obama, there is no comparison. It is clear that McCain is by far the one who can lead this country without divisiveness.