Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Do you think Obama is a Muslim?"

This was a question I was asked many times by people (who shall remain nameless) in the last few weeks. These were not uneducated people. In some cases I was really surprised by who asked the question. Obviously they aren't the only ones asking the question.

I assured them that I did not believe that Obama was some sort of hidden Muslim, but this is another problem of Obama's. There are many many more who are suspicious. It will be an undercurrent in the election if he wins the nomination, and it won't be polled or talked about, but it will drive many to the voting booth when the time comes.

No one wants to talk about it. But it is there. Make no mistake about it. And no assurances from someone like me or even Obama, that he is not a Muslim, will convince them. It will affect this election more than anyone imagines.

I'm sure it's one concern that Hillary will bring up in secret to the superdelegates, but it will never be mentioned out loud.

If Obama wins the nomination, the polling really will not tell us the whole story.