Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Remember when...

This all started with that smoking post below. I told my kids that when I was in Jr. High there was big tree on school property where students could go and smoke during breaks. My kids accused me of lying. They can't imagine a school allowing a cigarette on campus much less letting Jr. High students smoke on campus.

So I freaked them out some more. I remember in college my friend giving me her airline ticket because she couldn't go. So I flew under her name. They never asked for I.D. then, much less going through security. I got to wear shoes and had BIG shampoo and conditioner bottles in my bag. Imagine!

I told them that even as young as 5, my brothers and I would wander around the neighborhood until dark. No one had their backyard fenced so all our backyards were like one big playground. There was even a forest across the street I used to go play in by myself.

My brothers and their friends kept their rifle on full display in the back of their trucks as they drove to High School. I suppose it never occurred to anyone that a student would use it against anything but a deer or quail.

When I was 18 it was common to stop and get a beer at the store on your way home from work and drink it until you got home.

In elementary school at Christmas time you could draw the Nativity scene and have it taped to the wall. The teacher would play Christmas music that was.......wait for it.........about the birth of Christ!

I remember in 3rd grade my Mom calling the school because I needed to go home for something in the middle of the day and they just let me walk home.

Is there anything you remember about your childhood that our kids today wouldn't believe?