Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Case Against Hillary

I watch Obama tell America that Hillary will continue to divide this nation, yet he never says why or describes how it will be. How difficult a task is this? This is what Edwards and Obama should be saying every single day until the primary vote:

No one, not even Bill Clinton, has generated such hatred as Hillary Clinton from the Republicans. If Hillary is elected it will be 4 (or more) years of the same kind of seething disgust that has been a part of the George Bush presidency from the left and from Bill Clinton's presidency from the right.

But it will be worse than those two combined. George Bush may have incurred people's wrath for how he governed with the war or with immigration, but on a personal level, people like him. I've never heard even a Democrat say that Bush is not a warm likable guy. This is certainly not the case with Hillary.

All her scandals (especially those dealing with China), all the rumors of her personal life, all the affairs that Bill Clinton had, and don't forget the infamous list of people who have died mysterious deaths that were involved with the Clintons, all this will be fodder again and again. Bill won't be able to behave himself. Hillary will push through her real agenda and half of America will seethe. No, not just seethe, there will be gnashing of the teeth that hasn't been seen since the Kos Kids realized Karl Rove wouldn't be indicted. But this won't be just the bloggers, this will be middle America. At least half of it. And we will live with that every single day for her entire Presidency.

Are you sick of the terrible division of this country? Are you sick of those who care nothing for the people, but only for the power? Are you sick of those on the opposite side of the political divide trying to destroy the other? Are you sick of the Congressional leaders who do not just disagree with the President, but personally smear the President as well? Will you enjoy the corruption and scandal that follow the Clintons wherever they go? Will you enjoy the weekly insults and mocking of Hillary and Bill on SNL and the late shows? Will you enjoy how much richer Rush Limbaugh will get if Hillary is elected? Are you sick of hearings after hearings that are nothing but witch hunts?

Because all of this and more is exactly what you are going to get with Hillary. The Bush Derangment Syndrome will look like puppy love compared to how so many will feel towards Hillary. The blogosphere will probably explode with the indignation and hate that will spew forth on a daily basis. And it won't be just from the right. Hillary may be many things, but she isn't stupid. She isn't going to pull out our troops immediately. The far left will howl as loud as we do.

Obama and Edwards need to be saying these things every time they open their mouth. They need to paint a visual picture of America under Hillary.

It's not a pretty picture.