Monday, November 19, 2007

MTV In The Middle East??

This should be interesting. MTV debuted over the weekend in the Arab world. It will be a sanitized version, otherwise I think there would be rioting and kidnappings accompanying it. I mean, if there is anything nastier on regular cable for our kids to watch than MTV, I am not aware of it.

But MTV, which is known for airing provocative videos featuring scantily clad women, says the Arab version of the pop-culture channel will show less bare skin and profanity.

I figure they won't be showing the afternoon show "Next" where they regularly show gay young people lining up to prove to a date who is raunchier. Or the bisexual MySpace trollup Tila Tequila's horror show, laced with all that is sexual. "The Real World" and all it's slutty young won't be shown either. I'm also guessing they won't be showing the promo for Alica Key's music where she catches a woman pleasuring a big stuffed rabbit. (Don't ask, I don't get it either)

I'm so glad that MTV decided to tone things down for the sensibilities of the Middle East. If we could only get them to do that here.