Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Link Parade.

Just a bunch of good stuff.

You have to wonder if the MSM even tries anymore. Read about Newsweek displaying six pictures on one page (regarding Rudy's right hand men) and five of the six captions are wrong

"The Lonely War." For all the debate and talk about the war in America, it really isn't understood. We especially don't understand how our military is making it all work, despite the negativity and dreary war soundbites in America.

Wasting our tax dollars with earmarks and through our military. It will make you just want to scream.

Americans would rather know what Britney did today than about the men who fight our battles. It's too bad, because this is history in the making. At this critical time in the war, maybe we can look away from tabloid TV and see the world changing events as they happen.

Good news from Iraq and there is a boatload. (via Ace)

And finally, I'll leave you with laughter. Stephen Colbert managed to snag Maureen Dowd's New York Time's column for the day and it is funny.

Have fun!

h/t to BigDog for some of the links!