Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton, Bush???

Yesterday my son pointed out to me that if Hillary won the next Presidential election, he would probably be married with children and have always had either a Bush or a Clinton as President in his lifetime. Isn't that just strange?

Well, I jokingly said "And if she is re-elected and then after that Jeb Bush runs and wins, you will be 36 yrs old and still be able to say that."

So imagine my surprise when I read over at Outside The Beltway, that James Carville predicted yesterday that Jeb Bush will be the G.O.P's nominee for 2008. Like OTB, I find that almost impossible, but it still leaves my scenario in place for the future.

Not a good thing imo. In fact it bothered me quite a bit to think of it. We don't need dynasties. We need leaders.