Friday, September 01, 2006

Where have all the feminists gone?

Oh, yeah. That's right. They are standing at the gate defending our right to abortion. Meanwhile....

I remember when I was a young woman thinking I was feminist. I thought women deserved equal pay and equal work and the right to not be treated like a sex object. Here it is all these years later and what do we have? We have Katie Couric, the first woman to anchor the nightly news solo, and what do they do? They photoshop her PR photo to make her 20lbs lighter. There was also a buzz about whether we would be able to see those tanned muscular legs that so many have enjoyed with their morning coffee as they watched the Today Show.

At the same time we discover that Rosie O'Donnell is coming aboard "The View." They too photoshopped the weight off of her because on "The View" it is obviously ok to be a lesbian activiist, you just can't be fat. (Did they decide that after Star Jones?) It's all about the glamour folks.

As I grew older I wondered where the feminists were when I saw the growing trend of mainstreaming porn. Even the R rated movies aimed at young men became more crass and more exploitive of women. The vastly popular show "Friends" constantly referred to the guys on the show watching porn. Hillarity ensued. The internet brought porn into our homes so even our young sons going through puberty could see how easy it is to make women nothing but sexual objects.

I heard a comedian say once that porn actresses and strippers are just girls whose Daddies touched them in bad places when they were young. Not too funny really, and pretty close to the truth if you believe some of the books written by porn stars recently.

Then we have our little girls, whose role models become sexier and wearing less and less clothes every year, and I'm just talking about the Bratz dolls. Don't get me wrong. I'm not against looking sexy. I like looking sexy myself. But there is a world of difference between sexy and being nothing but a sex object. Have we taught our daughters the difference?

It seems we women got the opportunity, the education, and even the jobs. But did we get the respect? When I read stories about girls in Jr. High servicing boys on the school bus, I think not. Which brings us to most deafening silence EVER in the feminist movement. President Bill Clinton. Here was a sitting President who cheated with a subordinate almost his daughter's age (something a CEO would get canned for) and humilated his feminist wife, lied to her about it, lied to the country about it, and then said he did it "because he could." Here was a man accused of sexual harrasment by two women. A man known to be womanizer. And where were the feminists? They were looking the other way because no one had protected their precious right to abortion more than Pres. Bill Clinton.

I suppose they felt that they truly did need the right to abortion since along with the sexual freedom for women came that threat of an unexpected pregnancy. Some women thought they could be as sexually free as men, but they forgot that only one of them actually carries a baby inside them and it isn't the one who gets to walk away.

Men must love the feminist movement. It gave them all the sex they wanted with none of the responsibility. They didn't even have to worry about a child of theirs coming into this world. That abortion backup plan made it more than easy to just move on to the next woman.

So now we have the jobs we wanted as long as we look and act sexy enough. Don't carry weight. Don't speak out against a man in power unless, of course, he happens to be a supreme court nominee that might threaten that precious right to abortion. Because to feminists, nothing matters more than that.

Hillary Clinton will be the first woman to run for President that actually has a chance to win. There is something so ironic in that. A woman who rode the coattails of her husband's political finesse could be our first woman President. A woman who refused to condemn publically her husband's humilating behavior toward her and toward the young woman. Although the Republicans tried to offer some consequences for Clinton, he really didn't suffer. He is as popular as he ever has been in the Democratic party.

To me the message that the feminist movement has been sending for over 25 years now is that men get what they want and women get what they deserve.

And boy, do we.

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