Sunday, August 27, 2006

Careful, the blogosphere will catch you.

I've been meaning to get on this "scandal." Here is Steve Spruiell at Media Blog:

After E&P editor Greg Mitchell attacked bloggers for exposing staged and
altered photographs of Israel's offensive against Hezbollah, Bob Owens at
Confederate Yankee found an embarrassing story that Mitchell had written about
his own experience faking a news story for a small paper in Niagara Falls.
Embarrassing, yes. Funny. But not really that bad. After all, it happened a
long time ago, and Mitchell copped to it.

This, however, is journalistic malpractice:

Someone substantially altered the text of the
story, after six different bloggers cited the article. If you type in the URL of and press "enter" so that you could investigate who belongs to, wondering how they could change such an old story so
quickly, the URL will resolve to

Adweek is owned by VNU Business Media, the same company that runs media web sites BrandWeek, MediaWeek and—you guessed it—Editor & Publisher, where Greg Mitchell is the editor on the hotseat.

Read the whole post. If Mitchell altered the text of this article, what he's done is taken an embarrassing situation and turned into one that seriously calls his ethics into question. Nice job.

ALSO: Remember the howls from the left when it was reported that former editor of The American Enterprise magazine (now White House aide) Karl Zinsmeister had altered and then reposted on his web site an interview with another newspaper? (For the record, I criticized Zinsmeister here and here). I'm wondering if they'll hold Mitchell to the same standard.

GOTCHA: I'm not really wondering. They won't.