Wednesday, August 30, 2006

He has a point.

Blogs for Bush:

"Just gotta love that ol' Drive By Media - never misses a chance to work an anti-GOP angle in to every story. The AP Headline:

Rove's influence undiminished by scandal

Uh, AP, the headline should read - "Rove's influence undiminished by his scandal-mongering political enemies". There was no scandal - from start to finish, the Plame kerfuffle was an invention of the Democratic Party and the political left to smear out of politics the most effective GOP political operative of the past half century.

You see, it doesn't matter to the Democrats where right and justice lay - the only thing they knew is that Rove was running political circles around them, and therefor he had to go...and if a bit of skullduggery by a liar like Wilson was necessary to do it, then that was a small price to pay.

How many more honorable men and women will have to be dragged through the muck by the Democratic smear machine before we start prosecuting some of these creeps?"