Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Rush and Molloy deliver this item in today's column:

The transition from Star Jones to Rosie O'Donnell hasn't been easy at "The View," especially not for Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

"She is crying every day," an insider tells us. "No one can control Rosie, and Elisabeth can't contain her feelings. She gets so upset all the time."

Some on-set sources think that Rosie's outwardly liberal views have been upsetting the show's conservative voice.
Via National Ledger

Rosie O'Donnell has proven herself to be an anti- Christian bigot. One can only imagine how she is treating her conservative co-host. Elisabeth does a good job of standing up for herself, but she is young and doesn't have the "star power" that Rosie does.

I think we should show our support for Elisabeth. Send her an e-mail of encouragement against such hostility. She needs to know that we are on her side.

Go here and click on "email Elisabeth" under "email your view" on the left.

I think this is important. Not because the show is important, because it isn't. But we have so very few voices on daytime TV and we need to stick up for the ones who choose to go into the lion's den.