Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The diversity of hypocrisy.

This picture of liberal bloggers meeting with Clinton got a lot of attention last week for the women surrounding Clinton. Ann Atlhouse and Feministing got into it regarding feminists using their looks. But that wasn't the only controversy surrounding this meeting. I hadn't realized that the meeting took place in Harlem. I also hadn't known that Peter Daou, who put the meeting together, is the creator of the Daou Report, and blog advisor to Sen. Hillary Clinton.

La Shawn Barber wants to know where are the black bloggers? I wondered that myself.

Lisa Sabater, another black blogger (but liberal) wasn't happy:

"I am just shocked at the glee with which Peter Daou has shown his disrespect for Pam Spaulding, Steve Gilliard, Louis Pagan, Chris Rabb, Earl Dunovant and me when he decided to not invite neither of us, or for that matter, any other black or latino bloggers."


"What does it mean though that there are 20 bloggers invited to this lunch and not one is black or latino? What does it mean for this group of bloggers to be patting themselves on the backs for being with Clinton when they are all in Harlem and not one of them is a person of color? What does it mean for these people to be there and have not one of them raise this issue in their blogs?"

Peter Daou says that black and latino bloggers were invited and just couldn't come. Let me get this straight. They have a luncheon and meeting with President Bill Clinton in Harlem and no black bloggers are able to attend??? Sorry. I just don't buy that one.

I know I will stir some feathers here, but this doesn't surprise me. When it comes to the Democratic leadership it has always been about "what they can do" for the black community, not what the black community can do for them.

It's about the benevolent helping hand the Democrats hold out to the black community. It's never about the equal sharing of power.

The Democrats demand loyalty of the black community, but never seem to give much respect.

This may have shocked Lisa. but it sure didn't shock me.