Monday, September 11, 2006

"The Path to 9-11" Part 2

Part 2 was much more riveting, especially given the fact that the President of the United States interrupted it to tell us how much of a danger these guys still are. That was kind of surreal. Do I really need to tell you how I felt about Pres. Bush's speech? I agree with him completely. Not because it's Bush saying it, but because it is true. If Clinton were still President and saying the same thing, I would agree it with it as well. I just honestly believe this is a fight we must fight or our children and their children will pay a dear price for it. As Bush pointed out, we could not let the entire Middle East become a terrorist state.

Back to the movie. It did spread the blame around pretty well. Condi didn't come off too well and it seemed no one wanted to listen to Richard Clark in either administration. I like how the film might have let some Americans, who don't pay much attention to the Middle East, see what fighting terror over there was like with just our CIA guys there.

The death of John O'Neil was just heartbreaking, sad, and ironic. It was almost so dramatic that you could hardly believe he really died that way.

Finally, the ending gave you just enough of this horrible day 5 yrs ago to re-live and feel that sick feeling in your stomach. The grading at the end certainly didn't reassure me. We need to do more, more, and more.

I thought the "A" might have been that we have not been attacked again. Thank God for that.

With the movie reminding of us of what we fight and the President telling us how he is fighting it, I felt that no matter what differences we have on how we are fighting this war, at least we are in the fight.

At least we are finally paying attention.