Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"A Media Crime"

It's time we start calling it what it is: (photos at link)

"You may remember the footage: A man and boy crouch in fear. Shots hit a wall far from the pair; a final round of gunfire kicks up a dust cloud that hides father and son, who are "targets of gunfire from Israeli positions," says the voice-over. When the dust clears, the boy is stretched at the man's feet. The voice says that he is dead.

This version of the story was retold around the world — and it has figured in countless wall posters, an Al Qaeda recruiting video, an epic poem. Last June an aspiring suicide bomber was arrested on her way to a hospital — to kill Israeli children, she said, in memory of Mohammed Dura.

But, according to the Commentary article, the video is a fraud."

I often wonder how many times and for how long have we been lied to by the pictures and video we see on the nightly news.

via Ace