Saturday, September 16, 2006

Blog Fight.

Blogs fights are stupid and I usually pay no attention to them, but this one is interesting because it pits the idea of feminism against Ann Althhouse.

It all started with this picture of Bill Clinton with NYC bloggers. And I have to digress here for a moment and quote Ace on the "diversity" of the bloggers. Too funny:

"All races and creeds are represented, from "pale" to "pinkish" to "pasty."
It's a Rainbow Coalition, all right, at least if the rainbow you're thinking of is a pale, ghostly emanation on the Ethereal Plane.

Ok, well Ann Althouse made a thing about all the women standing the closest to Bill, especially the one with the striking pose and clingy shirt. Well, that blogger got miffed at that and fired back at Ann. The links are all at that link of Ann's and check out the comments!

And then even Glenn got into it by using the best quote ever to describe feminism (and it's from Maureen Dowd of all all people!):

"One might almost think that feminism has become nothing more than a subset of the Democratic Party's activist base. Actually, that has become so obvious that even Maureen Dowd managed to figure it out when she famously commented: "Feminism died in 1998 when Hillary allowed henchlings and Democrats to demonize Monica as an unbalanced stalker, and when Gloria Steinem defended Mr. Clinton against Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones."

It's always amusing to read feminists try and defend Clinton. It is to laugh.