Sunday, August 06, 2006

Remember the green helmet guy parading the dead......

at Qana and elsewhere for the past 10 yrs??

He may be identified as this guy:

"Mark MacKinnon of The Globe and Mail reported from nearby Tyre, Lebanon on July 26, describing the many difficulties caused by the rising death toll in that city. "Abu Shadi, the mortician at the government hospital in the city, agrees. He's processed 100 bodies -- many of them grotesquely mangled and burned -- and on his pickup runs has been forced to leave behind many more that he can't recover from cars and destroyed buildings.[...]Based on these descriptions, it seems highly likely that Abu Shadi the mortician and Abu Shadi the green-helmeted "civil defense worker" are one and the same. And, in the double role, Abu Shadi was among the first to arrive, before the media did, with his refrigerated truck that in recent days had been carrying around corpses."

Well now, how convenient is that? It makes one wonder if he was dropping as many off as he was picking up?

via PW

P.S. I'm not back yet, but the photo stories buzzing around the net is just amazing.

Update: Check out this woman who keeps losing her home in the war. via MVRWC

Another debunked photo.

Update: Rueters has pulled all of Adnan Hajj's 920 photos. Allah has the full story and every update you can imagine. Including another proven doctored photo(the one with the fake "missles" you have been seeing.)