Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dead Children

The Green Helmet guy identified as PR guy/civil worker. The AP says he is a civil defense worker, not a mortician. Click on the video below and you will see the PR part. It is sick and disturbing though. Be warned.

Let me make a few observations here that I haven't seen elsewhere. Although what this man is doing is unforgivable, using dead children in such a way, we must remember after all, they are still dead children. Something we mustn't gloss over in our attempt to show this PR campaign. Aren't the images taken without direction enough though?

I try to understand this. I can see how one would want the world to see this tragedy. I can understand why he would want the images shot. But you just don't use the dead like that. You just don't.

There is one negative that I have read about George Bush that I completely agree with. I don't think he fully understands the different mentality that exists in the Middle East. Not only are they use to death on a daily basis (enough to be able to carelessly pick up a dead child's face for a better angle for the camera. Can you imagine such at thing here?) but they don't have a clear idea of what living in true peace means. We telling them about Democracy is like explaining to someone what chocolate tastes like. Impossible really. One has to actually taste it to understand. Which is how it will have to be in the Middle East. They will have to experience years of Democracy before they truly understand how wonderful it is. Oppressed is a skin not easily shed.

Liberals seem to think that we on the right imagine that everything is going well in Iraq. We do not. We only pray things go well in Iraq. We know that there is a perilous experiment happening there now. A bloody birth. It's awful. And we are aware that it could fail. The difference between the left and and the right is that we don't want it to.

This life they live in the Middle East has to change. We cannot live in a global economy, and in a world where technology has made us all neighbors, with one side living in the 21st century and the other side living in the middle ages. We just can't. We tried. I think America tried to ignore them for far too long. They cannot be ignored any longer.

Only time will tell if anything we did will make a difference for our children. Many people I talk to say we will never change the barbaric ways of the Middle East. They say we should leave them to kill each other as they have done for ages. But the radical ones made the big mistake of killing some of us. There is simply no going back.

We could leave, as the left wishes us to, but it won't change the faces of dead children there. They will still be blown up in bombs, whether it be in Iraq or Lebanon, or Israel. The dust of the land will still run red.

This is an effort that we should all be behind. Even if we disagree. But I fear we don't have the stomach or will for it. If we leave the beast of hate that attacked us on 9-11, he will wait patiently again to attack us.

Update: More proof of photo staging.

UPDATEII: The green helmet guy is injured:

"Two rescue workers, including the chief of the Lebanese Red Cross in Tyre, Salam Daher, were wounded by shrapnel during raids near the hospital where they had been rushing to help extinguish the fire, police said." via LGF