Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The left's funniest guy...

Jon Stewart shows us "the other Iraq." He makes fun, but nice to hear about all the same.

Reader Joe Wierzbicki sent this video and has this to say:

"The 3 Iraqi provinces that make up Iraqi Kurdistan have built a peaceful democracy modeled after Western nations. Not one single Coalition soldier has been killed in Iraqi Kurdistan. No westerners have been kidnapped. And just this past week, Iraqi Kurdistan's regional government passed a new investment law designed to encourage investment by Americans in the region - as they seek to embrace free markets and economic growth. It's all part of Iraqi Kurdistan's effort to reach out to Americans and other westerners as part of their "The Other Iraq" campaign.

So what does someone like Stewart do when confronted with such progress - well, there isn't much else to do but poke fun at the success being made by the Iraqi Kurds. Stewart's schtick is funny, and his humor will bring a smile to your face. But the even bigger smile should come from the recognition that at least part of Iraq is moving forward with the potential for a very bright and promising future. Watch the 1 minute and 35 second clip here:"