Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Whiney babies. Shutup.

Read this whiney article by a Canadian band called the Grey. They were deported and banned from the U.S. for five years. Why? In Feb. of 2005 the band was heading to Ogdensburg New York fo a show:

"When we got to the border, we, regrettably, lied at first about whether or not we were playing because we were uncertain whether or not we needed visas for a potentially non-paying show. After looking on the internet and searching our van, [the American border guards] saw that we were supposed to play and hauled us in for interviews one by one for the next 6 hours. We were fingerprinted, photographed and expedited as illegal aliens from the United States."

Yeah. See, here's the thing. You don't lie to border agents.

I see this all the time with youth. They seem to think that if they have reason enough, then it's ok to lie. When they suffer the consequences of this, they whine.

via boing boing