Monday, July 24, 2006

What you are looking at here...

If you could actually look at a chick who has painted her last room.

I love to decorate. Since moving in this house 6 years ago I have painted the dining room, the office, my bedroom, my daughter's bedroom, one of my son's bedrooms, the playroom, and now the guest room.

I usually use different faux techniques and many different colors. My youngest son's room looks like an army tent ( ceiling painted as well) with every stick of furniture painted camo with a few pieces in black. I got posters from the Army surplus store to finish the walls. There are "bullet holes" on his closet doors. My daughter's room is painted to look like a blue sky with clouds floating above. Her ceiling fan is painted bright yellow (the sun, of course) She has butterflies everywhere. I hung pastels of every color in chiffon layers on her windows and even her canopy over her bed. Attached to the canopy are butterflies, flowers, and monkeys. (not real, duh) She has the coolest room ever.

But I digress.

Today I painted my last room. My back can't take it anymore. Getting older just sucks.

I am loving your responses to my survey below. Please continue! Hopefully I will be able to walk tomorrow and get to the computer.