Thursday, June 22, 2006

Man, oh man.

The 2 soldiers captured, tortured and killed in Iraq had MySpaces. I clicked on them to see and the messages will break your heart, especially those left after they were killed. I wish MySpace allowed non-friends to leave a message so everyone could leave messages there as a tribute. Here are their links:



I'm not sure if this is true, but over at the MySpace Military and Military Supporters group they are saying that one of the moms found out about her son's death through the news reports before the army could contact her. If true, the media (as usual) should be ashamed.

Update: As I am watching the press conference with Rumsfield I hear a reporter say say that the American people want to know the details of the brutal murder of these two boys. I'm so glad that this reporter can speak for the American people. It makes me want to throw up when they say things like that. Am I alone here in thinking that we do not need the gruesome details? We are all well aware of the brutality of these terrorists. Most of us either saw or read about Zarqwari sawing off Berg's head. Yeah. Thanks Mr. reporter, most of realize the evil here. Which is why we need to finish this fight.