Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ah yes, we finally have solid proof of WMD's. Is this really a surprise?

You guys will have to forgive me for not being on top of things. Summertime is my busiest time with all the kids our of school and the house full of every kid in the neighborhood practically, all my son's college friends, and the gaggle of girls that hover around my daughter (and her boyfriend of course)

But here is the highlights via NRO of the WMD findings yesterday:

Rough transcript of last nightÂ’s press conference here.
Highlights of yesterdayÂ’s Negroponte declassification, via Santorum.
The actual letter.
Transcript of Santorum on Hugh Hewitt.
How can this be about 2006 election politics, Alan Colmes (he was droning on an on about this point last night on his radio show)?
Hoekstra & Santorum on Hannity & Colmes here. report.

So....We found 500 chemical weapons in Iraq since 2003, and more weapons of mass destruction are likely to be uncovered. No one on the right is surprised by this. We all knew Saddam had them. I suppose we could gloat until the cows come home and say "I told ya so," but really, the left that called Bush a liar, just needs to apologize and then we need to move forward and GET IT DONE IN IRAQ.

If the Democratic leadership has any dignity left, they will begin helping us do that right now and stop fighting us to score political points. Don't try and justify this somehow. This is solid proof that Saddam Hussein was lying (NOT BUSH) when he said all weapons had been destroyed, and it proves the weapons inspectors did not uncover these munitions. We gave Saddam ample opportunity to get rid of these and surrender and HE REFUSED. He knew the consequences.

I saw Al Sharpton on Bill O' Reilly last night and he said that if this is true, then he will apologize to Bush. If he can do it, the rest of the Democrats can.

My advice to Democrats? Step up to the plate and show some integrity. THAT will get you elected more than any showboating and justifying.