Monday, June 05, 2006

Gay Marriage.

I don't know what can be added to the political issue of gay marriage that has not already been said. I do not believe that we should re-define marriage for any reason. It will only open up a pandora's box and we all know it. Polygamist will be the first to demand marriage as well. We have already seen this. Our efforts should be on strengthening marriage as it is. I think the divorce laws are far too lax and make it too easy to walk away. How to strengthen marriage is another post though.

I do believe that gay couples should certainly have the right to have a union where their partners decide medical decisions if they are not able to do so themselves and all other legal rights of a partner in a civil union. The problem is that marriage is a religious issue at it's heart. To most Americans marriage is seen as sacrament blessed by God (even if many Americans don't treat it as such) Our faith tells us that marriage is between a man and a woman. Naturally that would bring much emotion into the issue as the definition is attempted to be changed. Although the state does regulate and approve marriage, it is still defined by most Americans, as a religious vow to each other before God. I realize that many gay couples feel they have done that as well, but it is quite different to ask a society to change a fundamental belief to accommodate a small portion of the population. In the end, I have to say, that I see the gay rights advocates wanting this more as a stamp of approval by society than any real desire for marriage.

Shakespeare said "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." So what does it matter to gay couples if what they have is called a civil union as long as their rights are respected?

People have a right to share their life with whomever they wish. Gay people , although sexually different, are not different from straight people when it comes to being men and women of character or not. I have a problem with society in general with our obsession with sex. Sex is but a part of life. With many people it isn't a part at all. It is not our soul. It is not who we are. Who we are attracted to does not (or should not) define us. How we live our lives is what defines us.

I don't like how fighting for a gay marriage ban alienates gay people from the Republican party. There are so many wonderful talented people who happen to be gay. Should their sexuality be what we think of them? Or should it be their talent and kindness and intelligence? Which do you think they would rather be known for?

There are so many other issues that we should focus on that matter to all people. Issues that we, as conservatives, can agree on. As as seen on this blog, there are many gay conservatives. People, no matter what their sexual orientation or color or religion, can believe in and fight for smaller government, lower taxes, less regulation, a stronger military, a better educational system, and a belief in the sanctity of life.

One thing I know. God loves each of us without end. It doesn't matter if we are gay, straight, full of sin, or lost in grief or substance abuse. His love and mercy looks past all the things that haunt us. His love soothes and smoothes the rough edges of our lives. When people tell me they can't give up something in their life they think is wrong, I say don't worry about that. Seek God first. Fall on your knees and offer it all to him. He will show you the path clearly and it is never what you expect it to be. Never.

In the end, the things in this life that the world tells us is so important; sex, money, fame, and even comfort, are not who we are. They are not what gives us peace. They are not what our soul thirsts for. Whether we believe or realize it, our soul thirsts for the one who gave us life.

It is in that union we find all that matters.