Monday, June 05, 2006

Al Gore, The environmentalist.

From Newsbusters:

People magazine, another publicity engine of the Time Warner empire, gives a box to Al Gore (page 35, I believe) to explain "How I'm Saving The Planet." People asked: "His film 'An Inconvenient Truth' warns about global warming. So what is Gore doing about it?"
Here are Gore's answers for the publicity box:

"1. I turn off lights in my house [to conserve energy]. We're getting sensor switches that automatically turn them off when the room is empty.

2. We got a hybrid car recently.

3. We try to live a carbon neutral life. On, you'll find a calculator which can add up the carbon dioxide you produce and give you options for neutralizing that.

4. This movie saves carbon dioxide because I don't have to fly and drive places to get my message across."

That's it???? I'm thinking this has to be some sort of a joke. As one commenter pointed out, he could have shown his movie on TV so people didn't have to drive to the movie theatres.

Limo liberals are the worst, aren't they? I'm not a "tree hugger" like Al and I do more to help the earth. I recycle everything. I make my kids bike to most places. I carpool all the time. I have always conserved energy in the house by keeping the thermostat on 80 in the summer and on 68 in the winter. And needless to say, my limo and private jet flying is way below that of Al's.