Thursday, February 02, 2006

Flight 93

I watched Flight 93 on A&E night before last. To say it was heart wrenching would be an understatement. They did an excellent job on the film of portraying the fear, the horror, and the bravery that day.

My 13 yr old kept asking questions. We forget that our children who were so much younger on 9-11 don't remember the details or what exactly happened. This is important to explain to them so that we NEVER forget what happened that day.

When I think of that day, it is the ones who jumped from the towers that I think of the most. But the phone calls from the plane and the towers also haunt me. When the daughter on flight 93 finally hangs up and the mother is left holding the phone at home knowing that she will never speak to her daughter again, I thought I could barely stand it. I imagined for a moment what I would have felt if my daughter called me like that. Just in the imagining of it, I felt a pain so deep and cruel I could barely stand it. I shook my head of the image.

I thought of how I would have felt if I had been on that plane. If I knew I would never see my children grow up. Again, it was too much, too painful to imagine.

This didn't just happen to us though. Remember the cell phones that rang on the bombed train in Madrid? Imagine calling and calling your loved one. Praying they would answer. The voice saying to leave a message, the voice you will never hear again.

People die every day. War, accidents, disease. But what makes these deaths so awful is that there IS NO REASON and it was deliberate. The terrorists kill innocent people just doing every day things. These aren't people who have ever done anything to the terrorists. It's like a serial killer who kills at random. And we all know that if we don't catch a serial killer he will kill again and again.

For those mad about the war. For those who count the deaths. Don't blame America for a fight we did not start. Blame the ones who TARGET innocent people. Blame those who warned us with the first trade center bombing, the embassy bombings, the U.S.S. Cole bombing. Ignoring them didn't work, did it?

Fighting them and defeating will.