Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Wild Wild (Warmhearted) West.

The Weekly Standard compares New Orleans to Houston. but here is the best part:

"It is now no surprise that Houston is the place where in days they built a new city in and around the Astrodome, that has taken in 25,000 refugees from New Orleans, and is planning to feed, house, employ, and relocate most of them. Houston is the place where the heads of all the religious groups in the city--Baptists and Catholics, Muslims and Jews--came together to raise $4.4 million to feed the evacuees for 30 days, and to supply 720 volunteers a day to prepare and serve meals. If New Orleans was where the Third World broke through, Houston was where the First World began beating it back, and asserting its primacy. Are we surprised that the star of this show has been Texas, home of Karl Rove and both Bushes, widely despised by the glitterati as sub-literate, biased, oppressive, and retrograde? No."

Perhaps the reason why we Texans don't buy all the Bush bashing is because we know where he came from. We know who he was. We know why he feels the most at home chopping wood at his Ranch in the 99 degree heat. We know his accent isn't fake and neither is his goodness.

What does it mean to be from Texas? It means an outpouring of love and support. It means money, food, clothing, toys, and the opening of homes and hearts.

I haven't heard one complaint about the influx of people here. I haven't heard one complaint about the increase in classroom size in the city of Houston schools. Everyone I know is looking for ways to help. Every corporation I know is giving employees time off to volunteer and they are giving and giving.

I heard on the news today that they had planned on bringing in Cruise ships into the port of Galveston (35 minutes away) to place some of the refugees. They REFUSED. They said they didn't want to leave Houston. I couldn't believe it! Who wouldn't want to be on a cruise ship???? But perhaps they knew that all the love and the caring they needed was right where they were. They knew they had the helping hand they needed right in front of them.

Bush is Texas and we know what that means. Now the world knows what that means.