Friday, September 09, 2005

Where is this story?

I was beginning to think I was the only one asking this question. But it seems Hugh Hewitt even went to the source to ask it:

"The Fox News Channel's Major Garrett made another appearance on the program this evening, following up on his blockbuster story yesterday. Among other things, Garrett got confirmation from the head of the Red cross --on camera-- of the Louisiana State Department of Homeland Security's blocking of the delivery of relief supplies to the Superdome and the Convention Center. In addition, Garrett received confirmation from senior Salvation Army officials in Washington, D.C. that the Salvation Army's efforts at supplying the evacuees were also repeatedly blocked. Radioblogger will have the transcript up later, but the key takeaway was when I asked Garrett if characterizing Louisian's preparation for the storm as "abysmal" was accurate and he confirmed that indeed it was. Read the whole thing.

I also asked Garrett why no other network is on this story. He can't offer an answer for that, even though he points out that this isn't a hard story to get, and Fox News needn't be credited. All CNN has to do (or MSNBC or CBS) is call the Red Cross and get a camera over there.

Of course that would interfere with the "blame Bush" conclusion being pushed by Jacked-up Jack Cafferty and Campbell Brown etc."

I had a commenter here who kept saying that the news he was reading claimed that the Red Cross had been kept out by FEMA. It seems that some news sources saw "Department of Homeland Security" in the part that said "Lousiana Dept. of Homeland Security" and assumed it was the federal branch and part of FEMA and got the story wrong.

Why is this important? Why is it important to understand why people didn't get water when they needed it? It's important so people can't write irresponsible things like THIS.

*I want to add that nothing has EVER convinced me of msm bias than this story. For days we were subjected to the trembling anger of Tim Russert, Keith Olbermann, Shepard Smith, and dozens of editorials about the hurricane victims lacking food and water for DAYS! How could this happen in America?? We were asked over and over. We finally get an answer to that question and Tim, Keith, and Shep are nowhere to be found. When they thought it was Bush's fault it was the lead, but when it is proven it was not, they don't even mention it. Since Tuesday when the story broke, I have looked and looked and could not find one mention of it in any msm news other than the one who broke the story, Fox News.

If this story is a lie or a spin, then THAT should be the story. But there is NO excuse for ignoring this story. NONE. Except for the glaring explanation, which is the media bias.