Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Protesting...Not as it seems.

As I related in my post below. the legitimate regular folk who are anti-war might want to rethink who they are protesting with. For example, I would never protest with the KKK no matter WHAT cause we professed to have the same belief in. It just wouldn't be worth it to me.
It seems the San Francisco Chronicle printed this first photo you see at an anti-war protest in San Francisco on Sept. 24th. It was cropped to show what seems to be simply a person of color protesting the war. But a blogger (zombietime) was also at this rally taking pictures and with his photos below we get a whole different story, now don't we? We see Palestinian flags and obscene placards. The next photo shows "the woman giving directions belongs to one of the Communist groups organizing the rally -- if her t-shirt is to be believed, since it depicts the flag of Communist Vietnam, which has been frequently displayed by such groups at protest rallies in the U.S. for decades."
It is disturbing and sickening enough that a supposedly legitimate newspaper would crop a picture to give a totally false picture of the person protesting, but equally disturbing is that left leaning people with heartfelt concerns over this war are letting these types join hands with them. h/t to Jill.