Thursday, September 29, 2005

Excuse me?

We listen for hours while Michael Brown tears up Blanco and outlines her many mistakes during the Katrina disaster and then Blanco gets a chance to defend herself and tell her side.....and she doesn't. She says to the congressional committee that she was there to talk about "job creation." Then a Congressman commends her for it!!!

I have to agree with E.D. Hill ( who I adore btw) on Fox News this morning saying that it is like being a parent and having a child tell you that your other child stole money from your wallet and when you ask your other child about it she says, "no I didn't! But I don't want to talk about it further."

I suppose she hopes this will all go away, but when the media and the Democrats spend weeks bashing Bush and FEMA for everything bad that happens and then we find out that there were numerous huge mistakes made by Blanco, I think the public deserves some answers.

Plus, the more I hear about money being wasted and spent recklessly in Louisiana, I am more and more concerned with our tax dollars flowing into Louisiana. It is VITAL to have close oversight over this money.