Friday, June 03, 2005

What might have been.

Tech Central Station has an excellent article on "Operation Thunder."

"The much talked about "cordon and sweep" of Baghdad by an estimated 40,000 Iraqi police and military and "backed" by unknown thousands of U.S. troops has begun."

The article ends with what I think about all the time, but hardly anyone else seems to:

"The ongoing operations in Baghdad will be a deadly mix of tedium and danger. Innocents will be killed. Unintended but inevitable indignities will occur (and be duly reported). Desperate and deadly counterattacks will occur.

But, as bloody as these past weeks have been, and as bloody and uncertain as the coming days will be in Iraq, the real story -- hidden within little news and much noise -- is of the terrorist plans that will never be carried out, the attacks that will not occur. There is much, much more to all this than meets the media eye."

From all that we did after 9-11 with homeland security and invading Afhganistan and Iraq. Taking down Saddam, showing Syria, Iran, and Pakistan and the rest that we mean business...all these things...we will never know all that we prevented. We will never be shown a "how it would have been" ending of this drama.

With all the horror that occurs with war, we will never know the endless horror that didn't occur because of it. We can only imagine.

Thank God, we only have to imagine it.

It is what so many refuse to see or understand.