Tuesday, May 31, 2005


How many car/suicide bombers have their been since this war started? How anyone kept count? How many warped, brain washed men have strapped bombs to themselves, to women and even to children, and intentionally set out to kill innocent people as well as our military?

I have written many times of my pride in our military. I have written of support of our President in his decision to go to war. But here is something that might surprise you.

I do not believe in war.

And I will tell you something else I know. Our soldiers do not believe in war either.

Do you not think that unlike the car bombers, who are the macabre and twisted image of our soldiers, that our men and women do not want to come home? Do you not think they do not want to hurt one innocent person? Do you not think they hate this war? They hate this war as much as you and I do.

But they are soldiers. They are soldiers because the red blood of freedom runs through their veins. Nothing is more important than protecting that freedom.

But unfortunately there are men in this world who do believe in freedom, or decency, or equality. They believe in fatwa, in 72 heavenly virgins, in subservient women in burkas, and a world with unbreakable rules.

They believe in a false god that promises heaven, but only if they provide hell first.

We all grow weary of this war. We want it to end. We are all agreed on that one point. What we don't agree on is why and how we got here. We are told by the left over and over that Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11. We are told that Iraq did not attack us. And both those things are true. But what is also true is that no country attacked us. A belief attacked us. a hellish belief that rocked us and woke us up to this central truth. There are untold numbers of people who hate us. Who believe we are "infidels." These people would drop a nuclear bomb on us without hesitation or attack us on our shores in any way possible if given the chance.

We will not give them that chance.

It wasn't Iraq or Syria or Iran or Saudi Arabia who attacked us. If you take away the names of the countries you are left with the same mindset of so many there. The same fanatical warping of their religion. You have men determined to kill Americans regardless, and even with the intent, of killing innocent human life to do so. If nothing was done to change that now, I don't believe that it would have been possible in the future to change it without drastic measures that would have made this war look like a picnic.

Why Iraq? Why not Iraq? It's leadership posed the most danger in giving terrorists what they wanted. Taking down a brutal dictator and infusing democracy was icing on the cake. The infected disease of a warped Islamic belief was spreading in the Middle East, covering the region with the oozing wound of itself. The seemingly unending numbers of car bombers is proof enough of that. How else would we have gone after the terrorists? They lived in no one country. Should we have gone into the whole region? Do any of you believe that if we had never invaded Iraq that these men would have lived quiet lives as construction workers or businessmen? Do you believe that they never again would have found their way to our shores? Do you believe that there would never be another 9-11?

I don't believe in war. But I don't believe in allowing evil even more.