Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Internet pervs beware! That slutty talking 14 yr old chatting with you in a chat room could be a member of "Perverted Justice," and they are a growing group of 27 clandestine "contributors" and thousands of other unnamed volunteers, who claim to monitor chat rooms across the country. The targets are "wannabe pedophiles."
This article tells the tale of a firefighter:

"Ryan Hogan, is fighting federal charges that he attempted to entice a minor under 15 into having sex with him and exchanged obscene material over the Internet. His trial is to begin early next year. If convicted of all charges, he could be sentenced to a fine of up to $250,000 and a term of five to 30 years in prison."

This is the scariest quote out of the article:

".. studies show that about one in five children receives an unwanted sexual solicitation on the Web. Of those children who receive unwanted sexual solicitations, only about one-fourth tell their parents, according to the group."

Ryan says his actions were just "fantasy." (He performed a lewd act on the web camera for the "14 yr old girl", who happened to be a 30 yr old man)
Sorry buddy, fantasies are for the grownups. I hope he gets the maximum sentence. These pervs have got to start realizing that our kids are off limits. Period.