Saturday, November 27, 2004

Iraqi Views.

According to 2Slick , Eric Simon's Desert Sky will be featured on FOX's Dayside with Linda Vester on Monday 1pm eastern time. It is a documentary told by the soldiers themselves about a year in the life of the world's largest Air Assault Helicopter Brigade.

I'm betting the film rocks.

2Slick also has more info on a new book coming out, IRAQ: PROVIDING HOPE written by Eric Holmes which are personal stories from 50 people actively involved in freeing and rebuilding a new Iraq. (2slick is in it!)
Please contact Timberwolf Press for more information and to pre-order.
Call office toll free to order: 888-808-0912 Or email information to:

And to round off a complete hat tip post to 2slick, here is an Iraqi blogger with a little Thanksgiving post of his own.

Reading a bit more on his blog I noticed he had this to say on Nov. 16th:

" the chief editor of an Arabic newspaper located in London, widely read in Arab world, recounted an incident which happened to him with one of the editors in the newspaper. He said that a picture, shows an American soldier speaking to an Iraqi girl, was to be published with an article. A comment which says (An American soldier instructing an Iraqi girl) was to be under the picture. What happened, the junior editor changed it to (An American soldier hitting on an Iraqi girl). Such comment stimulates a very conservative religious society as the one in Iraq.Now, what happened yesterday of showing an American soldier shooting an injured man in Fallujah will be the tambourine on which Aljazeera and Arabic media will play on for a long time."

It seems this Iraqi understands the damage of perception to us (the U.S.) and our soldiers when a story is "spun" in such a way to make us look bad. Perhaps Kevin Sites should read this guy's blog.

He goes on to say:

"The crimes of breaking into hospitals, snatching injured Iraqi policemen and soldiers, cutting them into pieces by the insurgents are not criticized by Aljazeera. "......The crimes committed by Saddam̢۪s closest assistants against the Iraqi people, many are filmed, had never been spoken about. No one dared to raise a voice to demand a trail because of fear. And the same fear is used nowadays by the insurgents to keep mouths shut."

I think it is time for a 'fair and balanced' answer to Aljazeera.

What is the Arabic word for Fox?