Friday, November 26, 2004

Dean and the DNC.

Eleanor Clift wonders if Howard Dean can save the democrats by heading up the DNC:

"Dean is essentially a New Democrat who happened to be against the war. Signing legislation legalizing civil unions is the only outsized liberal thing he did, and he did it reluctantly in a compromise forced by court action. Only a few staffers were present at the signing ceremony, and photographers were banned."

He just "happened to be against the war." Like it was an accident. I tripped and fell and discovered I was against the war!
And by golly, they made him sign that leftie civil union thing! And then after they got through practically forcing him to, he signed it real secret like, so it really doesn't count. He didn't even let them take pictures! So I guess if you don't let them take pictures of you signing leftie legislation it makes you more centrist?

Clift goes on to say:

"Deciding to lead the party would probably take Dean out of the running for the ’08 nomination. Maybe that’s why the Clintons are quietly pulling for Dean. He would be one less party favorite for Hillary to dispose of."

Dispose of? I don't know about you, but that kinda gave me the creeps for some reason.