Thursday, November 05, 2009

Who says the left/right can't come to terms? At least on Twitter

I thought I would share this interesting exchange I just had with Anna Marie Cox . She is on The Rachel Maddow show regulary. They just love to use the crude slur "teabaggers' about the tea party protestors and giggle like little school girls who just discovered boys have different parts than they do.

Actually Anna Marie is pretty funny. And she does joke about both sides, but the teabagger thing is just disgusting and crosses the line. So I called her on it. What this exchange proves is that good can come from negativity, and we can all find something to agree on.

*For those who do not twitter. When you see RT, it means the twitterer is retweeting something someone else tweeted. The @ refers to it. When you see the // at the end of a sentence, then it means the person twittering is saying something after that at the end of the comment (It's much easier than it sounds!).

anamariecox in the Get Your Rear in Gear 5k. // It's a good cause, and involves ass!

RWSparkle RT@anamariecox in the Get Your Rear in Gear 5k. // It's a good cause, and involves ass! //That's good since she is one...

anamariecox @RWSparkle And who doesn't love ass? Have you considered giving to the colorectal cancer cause in Tony Snow's memory?

RWSparkle @anamariecox I have a better idea. Why don't you stop using the crude term "teabaggers" in Tony Snow's memory?

RWSparkle Sorry people for breaking my rule of never calling names, but @anamariecox 's constant denigration of good people makes me crazy.

annamariecox RT @RWSparkle: Why don't you stop using the crude term "teabaggers"? // if you donate to fight colorectal cancer, I'll never use it again.

RWSparkle Why don't u stop using the crude term"teabaggers"? //RT @anamariecox if you donate 2 fight colorectal cancer, I'll never use it again// U GOT IT!

RWSparkle EVERYONE NOTE! @anamariecox promised not to use "teabaggers" anymore if I contributed. I'm the TOP contributer

RWSparkle @anamariecox I'm taking you at your word. Tony Snow would approve. A good thing to do in his memory.

annamariecox @RWSparkle Personally I think Tony Snow would appreciate the joke (he loved Wonkette!), but your donation is a worthy trade. Thank you.

RWSparkle @anamariecox I love jokes too. But there is a difference between a joke & a slur. I appreciate the trade as well! Good overcomes negativity

RWSparkle @anamariecox And...I apologize for (indirectly) calling you an ass (no matter how much you enjoyed it...;-)

anamariecox Wow, thanks! No more teabagging or teabaggers. What about "teabaggist"? Is that cheating? And, really, thanks.

RWsparkle @anamariecox In reply to your DM. Yes. it would be cheating..;-) And you are welcome.