Monday, November 02, 2009

Memo to Gov. Perry of Texas: Williams Is The One

I see The Houston Chronicle finally did a piece on Republican Michael Williams, who is running for Kay Bailey Hutchinson's Senate seat if she ever really decides to resign to run for Governor of our great state .

If and when Hutchinson resigns, Perry will appoint someone to the seat. If appointed, Williams would be the first black Senator from Texas:

Some close to Williams say it is a head-versus-heart decision for Perry — pick someone with money or someone with grass-roots support whose appointment would be historic.

Memo to Gov. Perry: Pick Williams because he is the best one for the job. The money will come and the historic aspect of it is icing on the cake, but at the heart of it, who is the best person? Without a doubt, that is Michael Williams. I've rarely met a politician who is more sincere, more down to earth, and more ready to be Senator.

He is a grassroots conservative. He is exactly what the GOP needs more of. He understands fiscal responsibility, and he is proud of his conservative values and principles.

There has been a loud voice crying out in the GOP. It's the voice of the people who are saying that we don't need any more establishment politicians. We need fresh faces and fresh voices that represent our values.

Gov. Perry, be a part of this new revolution in our party. Do the right thing. The fact that another candidate is "rich" shouldn't even factor into the equation. The Democrats are the party of the rich now. Let's let them have it. We don't need elites. We need good people. Williams is that and more. There is a reason that his endorsement list outstrips other candidates.

So if Kay decides she is ready to take you on, you need to show her right off the bat that you are ready to take this party where it needs to go, back to it's roots. Back to small government, lower taxes, property rights, gun rights, and the principles this country was founded upon. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

You can show her that by appointing Michael Williams to her seat.