Monday, October 26, 2009

Troll Alert

As many of you know I have a troll that has stalked me (and other conservative bloggers) for many years. She was the "manny" that was so absurdly wrong regarding my post about the other networks defending Fox News recently. Here is the comment she left at at my Chron blog:

Kathleen you have fallen yet again. Manny is me -- Michelle -- your supposed "stalker" but I am just trying to keep you honest. I love that you quoted me. Mission accomplished! In the meantime you publish my tripe while the surge in Iraq is failing. Where is you cheer for the troops? Like it helped at all. Laughable is all I can say.

Folks, remember when I said the troll comments make me laugh? This one really did. Imagine how sad one's life must be when your greatest delight is that you used a sockpuppet name to comment on the blogger that you stalk (yes, for 4 yrs she stalks me. It's pathetic). Oh wow. She really got me right? Heh. At least she admits it's "tripe." Iraq is failing? Uh, no. That would be Afhganistan. Our President "dithers" while our boys die. 16 civilians today. Over 50 soldiers dead and over a 1000 Afghan civilians. But that's ok, Obama needs a few more weeks to decide what to do.

For anyone who like to see what my troll looks like and how she uses our taxpayer money to use computers that you and I pay for to leave troll comments everywhere, go HERE (another blogger she stalked) and scroll down comments to comment 41 for her picture and comment 47 on how she uses our taxpayer money. You might want to use her work information to let her boss know. I would suggest calling since I think she runs the website and your e-mails might not get through. Feel free to e-mail the President of the school though.

This is what she does for fun. It's a sad life, isn't it? Michelle, you don't have to sockpuppet anymore. You use your real name and I will publish your comments along with your info of course.-TexasSparkle